ALG Lawyers

ALG Lawyers is a law firm with offices in Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford. Our team is made up of experienced lawyers and paralegals who balance the rule of law with current social, political and technological climates.

ALG Lawyers is proud to be a paperless office and we offer our clients the opportunity to engage with us through our state-of-the-art office procedures and document preparation methods. What this ultimately means is that ALG Lawyers can communicate with you faster and more effectively to achieve better and more efficient results. We actively employ IT and software consultants to ensure that we are leaders as we move into the new generation of practising law and providing legal advice. Technology paired with a deep-rooted understanding of the law provides us the opportunity to give our clients the best and most cost-effective legal advice. We apply the principles of law traditionally but our methods are cutting edge.

Our firm was founded by Jasdeep Aujla. One of the founding principles of our law firm is providing great service. It’s been a natural progression for Jasdeep to serve and care about others through the mentorship Jasdeep has received by other lawyers and his family.

Jasdeep has carefully selected a group of lawyers who are committed to providing only the best legal representation for our clients. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We would be greatly honoured to work with you and provide you with the assistance and legal counsel you require. Whatever legal problem you are facing, our team will fight to achieve a favourable outcome.

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We understand legal proceedings can cause a great deal of stress. Our team aims to alleviate that stress with effective and innovative legal solutions. 

If you want to learn how we can help you resolve your legal problems, schedule a consultation to discuss your case. During the consultation, we will carefully listen as you explain your legal issues and answer your questions. We will also make it clear how we work and outline your legal options and the possible outcomes of your case. 

Give us a call today or request an appointment online. Initial consultations are free and can be conducted virtually, by phone or in-person as per your preference.