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Family law matters can be complex, deeply personal, and emotions often cloud the judgment of those involved. So if you are dealing with a family law matter, it would be wise to hire a family lawyer.

By deciding to hire a family lawyer through ALG Lawyers, you are ensuring that your rights will be protected from the moment you retain us. Our team understands how the legal system works, and we can help you to properly navigate your way through it.

ALG Family Lawyers will try to meet or speak to you immediately and to discuss the particulars of the family case against you. We will examine the evidence brought forward by law enforcement or crown counsel and carve out a legal strategy to secure a favourable outcome in your case.

Our family lawyers will explore all options for a speedy resolution of your case, including all pre-trial resolution options to avoid the expense and longevity of a courtroom trial.

However, if we are unable to reach a pre-trial resolution that is satisfactory to you and your case proceeds to trial, we’ll ensure that our team is all hands on deck and you will have the support of the entire ALG Lawyers team in your defense.

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