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Spousal support is an area of divorce or separation that can be a significant source of contention and distress. Furthermore, the process can seem even more complicated for unmarried couples because, in many ways, the law appears to favour married couples.

A family lawyer can eliminate a good portion of stress and confusion. They provide clarity on a range of topics and advocate for a fair outcome during the proceedings.

Who Is Eligible for Spousal Support?

Eligibility for spousal support is not as cut and dry as many people think. To be considered for spousal support, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • You were married
  • You cohabited or lived with your ex-spouse in a marriage-like union for at least two years
  • You had children while living with your former spouse in a marriage-like union for less than two years

In addition to the above specifications, the court outlines specific scenarios that your family lawyer can use to argue your case. You may qualify for spousal support if you:

  • Stayed home to look after the children or worked part-time so that your spouse could focus on academic or professional endeavours
  • Are struggling to secure a job because you’ve spent years taking care of the children instead of being an active member of the workforce
  • Were financially dependent on your ex-spouse
  • Wish to maintain your standard of living
  • Require financial assistance until you become self-sufficient

How Long Can You Expect to Receive Spousal Support?

According to British Columbia law, this time will last between six months and one year for every year you and your spouse were married or living together. However, if you were married a long time or you’re older when you separate or divorce, the end date is determined after the payor retires.

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Divorce and separation are gruelling, but having a family lawyer by your side can make the process easier. At ALG Lawyers, we negotiate for a fair out-of-court solution if the case does not go to trial, and we are also prepared to argue your case in court. Schedule an appointment with us today to make your separation or divorce as stress-free and efficient as possible.