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Your child’s well-being is imperative during a separation or divorce. Children benefit from order and structure throughout such stressful and delicate processes. Hiring a family lawyer protects your child’s best interests and safeguards your parental rights.

The court prioritizes your child’s best interests during the separation or divorce. The judge makes an order for custody and access based on factors such as:

  • Your child’s needs, given their age and stage of development
  • Your child’s views and preferences
  • Your child’s relationship with you and your spouse, as well as with siblings, grandparents and other close relatives
  • Your willingness to communicate with your spouse regarding your child and their needs
  • Any court order that is pertinent to your child’s safety and well-being
  • Any family violence, substance abuse or serious mental health issues

Child Custody in British Columbia

The judge rules on the best parenting arrangement for your child based on the factors presented. They may grant you one or more of the following:

  • Legal custody: The right to make important decisions about your child’s well-being, education and health
  • Physical custody: The right to have your child live with you
  • Joint custody: You and your spouse share custody. As Canada is a family-oriented country, the courts frequently favour this arrangement
  • Sole custody: Sometimes, one parent is guilty of abuse, neglect or violence; struggles with drug, alcohol or mental health issues; or has been absent from the child’s life. Acting within the child’s best interest, the court may grant the more stable and reliable parent sole custody

Child Access in British Columbia

The non-custodial parent’s right to visit and spend time with their child is referred to as child access. You and your spouse can simplify the process by drafting a schedule that is convenient for your child and both of you.

Having access does not give you the right to make important decisions regarding your child’s well-being. However, it does give you the right to make inquiries about your child’s health, education and welfare.

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If you are going through a divorce or separation, you need to protect your child’s well-being and understand your parental rights. At ALG Lawyers, we offer legal advice and advocate for a fair outcome during negotiations and court. Book an appointment today to speak with our experienced family lawyers.