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Who pays for childcare-related expenses after a separation or divorce can be one of the most stressful questions in an already challenging process. In some situations, the two parents were never in a relationship. Child support is a complicated issue, and it’s crucial to have an experienced family lawyer to advocate on your behalf.

What Is Child Support?

The series of payments one parent makes to the other for expenses associated with raising their children is called child support. Relevant expenses include food, clothing, tuition and other school fees, medical care and school supplies.

How Is Child Support Handled in British Columbia?

As a parent, you may be legally required to support your child financially – whether or not you ever lived with the other parent or the child themselves.

If your child lives with you most of the time, you are entitled to receive child support from the other parent. However, if your child spends an equal amount of time with each of you, the parent who earns more will be required to pay the child support.

In addition, the law dictates that you or the other parent should pay child support until your child turns 19. However, you may be required to continue paying beyond that age if they:

  • Have a disability
  • Are affected by an illness that makes them dependent
  • Are enrolled in a tertiary institution

It’s important to note that one parent can’t stop the other from spending time with the child for being delinquent with payments. In addition, the parent paying the child support cannot refuse to pay if they disapprove of how the other parent spends the money. They can, however, seek counsel from their family lawyer in this regard.

Can You Make an Agreement with the Other Parent?

A family lawyer can help you reach an agreement without going to court and determine what’s fair for each party. However, if you can’t agree on all the terms and conditions, you can apply for an order for child support.

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