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When a loved one passes away, family members are often left to deal with a number of personal and legal issues. The executor is often left to ascertain the information in the deceased’s will and then determine how their estate should be distributed. Often, estates and personal items are distributed by the executor without issue.

However, if a family member is unexpectedly disinherited, they may choose to challenge the validity of the will due to sibling inequity, failure to recognize a spousal/common-law role or a similar situation where the disbursement of a will is unfairly executed.

If you and your family are in this situation, our team at ALG Lawyers will help you assess the validity of your claim to challenge the will of your loved one’s estate. Our team of experienced estate lawyers will protect your interests and provide different options to reach an outcome that works for you.

Not all estate litigation matters are brought to trial, and many are resolved at mediation or through pre-trial settlement negotiations and our team will strive to create leverage for you to achieve the best settlement possible. However, should the situation arise where the issues cannot be resolved before trial, our team will thoroughly prepare your claim for trial.

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